The Meeting of Creditors

Morris County Bankruptcy Attorneys on What Happens in a 341 Hearing

Everyone who files bankruptcy in New Jersey is required to attend a Meeting of Creditors, also called a 341 hearing. About a week after you file, you should receive a Notice of Commencement of Case from the New Jersey bankruptcy court with the date and time for the Meeting of Creditors. Watch the video to learn more about what happens during a Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors in New Jersey.

With more than a combined 40 years of legal experience, the Morris County bankruptcy attorneys at Ast & Schmidt, P.C. can help you prepare and represent you throughout the bankruptcy process. We can tell you on what to expect at a Meeting of Creditors, when talking to the bankruptcy trustee and be by your side the entire hearing. Fill out our free bankruptcy review form online or call our NJ bankruptcy law firm today to get started taking control of your debts.

Every debtor is required to appear at a creditors’ meeting conducted by a trustee who asks the debtor questions about the debtor’s financial condition and gives creditors the opportunity to do the same.
Source: U.S. Courts