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What To Expect at a Bankruptcy Hearing

The stigma associated with bankruptcy is completely unwarranted. Bankruptcy is a sensible solution to consolidate debts and reestablish financial security for you and your family. Much of the hearing involves counseling with the judge to determine the best balance of your practical needs given your financial situation. As such, it is best to be very honest and transparent about your finances. What Is A Bankruptcy Hearing Like? If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will not have to appear before a judge unless there is an objection to your claim or you desire a reaffirmation hearing. A reaffirmation hearing is held only when a debtor wants to hold on to some debt in order to maintain ownership of the property tied to it. For example, if a debtor’s father is elderly and dependent on the debtor to drive to the pharmacy to pick up medications, then a debtor…
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