Finding the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are drowning in debt and have decided to file for bankruptcy protection – congratulations. It is the first step in taking control of your financial life and getting back on track to responsible spending. The next step is to find an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can handle the process efficiently and with as few hurdles as possible.

Commercials are all over late night television advertising low-cost bankruptcies. Take the time to shop around for an attorney you feel comfortable with, and who will give you a level of personal attention. A Morris County bankruptcy lawyer can answer all your questions and help you make the right decision.

Deciding on the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

Before you do a Google search for bankruptcy lawyers in your area, ask around for referrals. Ask friends and co-workers if there is someone they can recommend. Someone who has had first-hand experience with an attorney is a valuable resource. Ask if the attorney returned calls promptly and if there were any problems along the way.

If you do not have access to referrals, then you will have to conduct your own search. A simple Google search will show you pages of bankruptcy lawyers in your area. But do not decide on a lawyer just because you like his or her web page. You can call and ask about their experience and other details such as cost.

I recommend setting up an in-person meeting with the attorney as well. Most will have free initial consultations and you should take advantage of it. Ask how many bankruptcy filings the attorney has done and pay attention to how the attorney makes you feel. Are they taking the time to assess you financial situation, or do they seem more interested in getting you to sign-up and hand them their fee?

Pay attention to how quickly and confidently they answer your questions. Will the attorney you meet with personally handle your case, or will a junior associate handle it? How much experience does that junior associate have? At the very least, will your case receive close supervision?

Ask the attorney what they expect from you as a client. How often will you have to meet in their office? Will there be additional charges if problems arise?

Finding a bankruptcy attorney will be easy. Finding one you are comfortable with is the important part. Contact a Morris County bankruptcy attorney now.